KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

You Might Fail Army Bootcamp if:

1 You need to have the last word
2 You need swimmies in the pool
3 They wake you up at 4 a.m. and you tell the sergeant you just went to bed
4 Your sergeant yells and points at you and you slap his hand away telling him it’s rude to point.
5 When you are told to clean the floor on your hands and knees and you ask for a Swiffer.
6 You show up to camp with long hair and refuse to get it cut.
7 You ask your instructor if he is deaf because he always yells
8 You are told to climb the rope and you ask where the knots are to make climbing easier
9 You ask when you get to shoot something
10 You show up to the morning run in flip flops and swim trunks

#TopTen #bootcamp #blogger

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