KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

The older I get, the less scared I prefer to be
But here are some things People pay for to Get
Scared on Purpose:

1 Haunted Houses (No way! Jump out at me and you might get slapped)
2 Amusement Park Rides (This one is not so bad, but I don’t like to spin in circles at high speeds. I already forget where I am without spinning.)
3 Skydiving (Say what? Jump from the safety of a plane? Do I look like a bird?)
4 Mountain Climbing (There better be a stack of money at the top if I have to climb)
5 Bungy Jump (Boing, boing, don’t think so)
6 Running of the Bulls (Oh hell no. I better be armed)
7 Rodeo Bull Riding (Sure make the bull angry then send me to my death)
8 Cliff Diving (Where’s the water again?)
9 White Water Rafting (Grab your knees and kiss your ass goodbye? Nah)
10 Hang Gliding (I would love to do this but you would probably find me wrapped around a tree somewhere)

#TopTen #AdrenalineRush #NoThanks #blogger

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