KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

You finally have a night to yourself. What will you do?

1 Clean? NO WAY! I can think of a million things better to do.
2 Go to the beach? Can’t see anything at night. Would have been the perfect “day to myself” thing to do.
3 I decided to eat a meal at the new restaurant in town. Oh this is super awkward. I have no one to talk to and if I look up, the table next to me thinks I am a stalker. Waitress can I have a to go container?
4 I am going to dye my hair and look on the computer for vacation spots while it processes. Oh God I left it on 15 minutes too long. My hair is jet black with zero highlights. I look like goth girl.
5 I started out the night weeding and planting flowers 🌺. What in God’s name is that on my hand. Spider!!! I threw the shovel through the front window and my neighbors are staring at me like I am crazy!! I’m done.
6 I am trying this meditation stuff but my mind is racing. The meditation guy is talking like he is stoned out of his mind. Somebody forgot to pass me the peace pipe.
7 I know. Shopping! Oh I only have $20. I might be able to buy half a shirt. Nevermind. It would be the world’s quickest shopping trip.
8 Karaoke. I am singing into a microphone and dancing on the couch. My kid comes in and says, “What the hell are you doing?” So much for the night alone.
9 Go to the park? Well it just so happens to be allergy season. You had a great walk but now you have itchy eyes, your nose is running, and you are sneezing your head off. achoo 🤧
10 I guess I will just watch a movie. You wake up 4 hours later. Your night is over and you have nothing to show for it. Oh well there is always next time.

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