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Beauty and grooming blunders:

1 Cutting your toenail too short and being reminded with every step you take. Ouchie.
2 Using hair remover on your eyebrows instead of plucking. You get a little carried away and are missing part of an eyebrow. Now you look like a freak.
3 You cut yourself shaving and it looks like you lost a battle with a meat hook.
4 Tanning yourself naturally and falling asleep with your hand on your arm or leg and now you have an imprint. Worse yet, you don’t take off your sunglasses and have big white circles around your eyes like our fearless leader.
5 Having dandruff and not using Head & Shoulders. Your hair looks like it had a blizzard.
6 Pulling skin off your lip when it is chapped. Now it looks gross and it burns every time you eat or drink. That’s what lip balm is for.
7 Going for a bikini wax and hurting for days after. It hurts to walk and sit and getting waxed felt worse than a torture chamber,
8 You are using your curling iron and smell hair burning. When you pull the curling iron away, the piece of hair that you were curling is still attached to it. Uh oh.
9 You pop a pimple to make it go away. Now it looks like a volcano..
10 When you are a hairy guy and you do not groom your body hair. Listen if you go into the woods and someone tries to shoot you because they think you are a bear, you need to shave.

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