KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

When you think you don’t care about money you might want to consider:

1 That your good looks won’t pay the rent.
2 You have to stay home alone because you don’t have money to party with your friends.
3 You have to eat out of the dog’s bowl because you don’t get paid til next week.
4 You have to ride your bicycle to work when you run out of gas.
5 You will date anyone just to get some help with the bills.
6 The only place you can shop are the clothes donation bins.
7 Your hair makes you look like a crazed serial killer because you have to do it yourself.
8 You play eenie meenie miney mo with the bills to decide which one to pay.
9 You had to sneak out of the bowling alley with your rental shoes because yours have holes in the bottom.
10 The only vacation you can take is in your backyard in the kiddie pool.

#TopTen #blogger #money

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