KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Since we picked on the men yesterday it’s only fair to say the things men love about us:

1 We take so long to get ready that they spend the whole day waiting for us.
2 They love to be surprised by our purchases when the credit card bill comes in.
3 They love when we share our feelings. To be polite, they let us talk in hopes that we will shut up. Instead we mistake it for them wanting to hear more.
4 They love when we tell them about our period and our monthly suffering in great detail.
5 They love when we ask their opinion. They are screwed unless they tell us exactly what we want to hear. Anything else opens up the “What are you trying to say?” conversation.
6 They love when we give them short answers and won’t tell them what is wrong when they ask. We think they should know.
7 They love when we tell them long stories about people they either don’t know or don’t give a flying duck about.
8 They love when we tell them what to do! It’s like they married their momma.
9 They love when they pay us a compliment so that we can tell them how fat or ugly we are.Yay
10 They especially love when we bother them for attention when all they want is some peace and quiet. “Watcha doin?”

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