KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

What siblings fight over:

1 Anything your sibling is playing with. If it looks like they are having a fun time then you must have it at all costs.
2 Who gets shotgun. No one wants to get stuck un the backseat when the view is so much nicer in the front.
3 When it’s time to take a shower, no one wants to be bothered. You fight over who goes last to delay the inevitable.
4 You argue over who mom likes better because you cannot understand how she could possibly love the other kid.
5 If they eat something that you feel is yours, even though it doesn’t have your name on it, they are gonna get an ass whoopin.
6 You find them in your room so they must have stolen something and they aren’t getting out alive until they give it back.
7 Mom and dad miraculously found out about something you did and you get punished. You know who the snitch is and they sleep next to you. They are going to pay!
8 There is only one remote and they have it and you hate the show they are watching. Time to make their life miserable since they won’t change it.
9 When they have dirt on you and threaten to use it unless you do whatever they say. This has gone on long enough.
10 You are going out to dinner and the two of you want to go to different places. Dad doesn’t choose your place and your are about to smack the smug look off of your sibling’s face

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