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Ways your kids make you look bad:

1 They refuse to listen when you speak in a normal tone. You have to drop an F bomb before they realize you mean business. 🤬
2 If you say no to buying them something, they go to mom mom and pop pop because they know they won’t get denied. You look like the bad guy if you try and return it. 🙄
3 They try and get away with murder when you are out in public with them because they think you will look like a bad parent if you scream and yell at them.🤗
4 They have nothing to say until you are on the phone. You get interrupted every five seconds until you finally snap and look like a maniac to the person on the other end. 👊🏼
5 When they ask you if their friend can sleep over and they are standing right there staring at you. The family has plans so you have to say no and they look at you like you killed their cat. 😔
6 When they tell your husband you went through a red light or were speeding. Little rats! 🐀
7 When they ask dad for something and he says go ask mom. Mom says no and the little bugger tells dad you said yes. Next thing you know, the two of you are arguing while the kid is doing whatever they want. Why you little….!! 😡
8 When they are infants and you are sleep deprived and can’t figure out how to make them stop crying. It only takes one little thing to push you over the edge and make you lose your s**t. 💩
9 When they are in daycare and tell the teacher their dad lets them drink beer when it is only apple juice. The teacher calls you very concerned. 🤦🏻‍♀️
10 When you think you are telling your husband some juicy gossip and your big eared kid repeats it to the person you were talking about. 😩 Bye bye now.

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