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Irrational funeral fears:
1 Kneeling and praying next to the casket hoping that the person doesn’t sit up or grab you. Pray faster!
2 Tripping in the grass at the cemetery while putting a flower on the casket. You don’t want to fall on the casket or accidentally fall in the hole.
3 Worrying that you will bring home some unwanted ghost guests from the cemetery. It’s hard to kick them out of the house when you can’t see them.
4 The person in front of you in the funeral car procession might floor it. You are out of luck because you are in timbuktu and have no clue where you are and people from them parts don’t know where Jersey is!
5 You don’t want to go to the bathroom in the funeral parlor. The funeral director looks like he could use a few pints of blood. He may kidnap you and embalm you before anyone can find you.
6 It seems like such a long walk to the open casket. You wonder who is going to be inside of it and if you will recognize them.
7 The person in the casket looks like a bad wax version of your loved one. You sit in the chair waiting for the real person to walk in
8 The priest, who had no idea who your loved one is, talks about them like a long lost friend. Maybe the guest of honor would like to sit up and say a few words?
9 Your aunt never would have worn her hair like that or button up the top button of her dress. Someone is going to get haunted for this!
10 You never go to church and you are afraid that there will be two funerals because you are about to go up in flames 🔥

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