KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Why is it a bunny for Easter and an egg hunt. Let’s change things up.

1 Bunnies don’t lay eggs. It should be an Easter chicken and everyone can do the egg hunt while doing the chicken dance to celebrate.
2 An Easter dog would be great because most kids love dogs. We can play tug of war and eat hotdogs.
3 How about an Easter donkey. Everyone loves Donkey from Shrek and we can play pin the tail on the donkey and eat key lime pie.
4 Or an Easter monkey. We could zipline and eat monkey bread.
5 Perhaps an Easter cat. We would play laser tag and eat Kit Kats.
6 Next is the Easter pig. We would mud wrestle and eat pulled pork.
7 Maybe even the Easter horse. We would play polo and eat Philly cheese steaks.
8 Then we have the Easter hamster. The highlight of the day is an obstacle course and then some hamburgers.
9 Possibly an Easter parrot. Everyone tries out the flying trapeze and then KETO.
10 Finally we have the Easter Dolphin. We enjoy a nice swim and then finger food.

#TopTen #HappyEaster #blogger

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