KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Anyone with a competitive bone in their body cares about losing. People say the craziest things when they try to make losing look good:

1 It was a great game. (Well it would have been a great game if we won!)
2 Cheer up. There is always next year. (Oh great! Just what I wanted to hear. I get to wait another year.)
3 Losing is part of the game. (Next year I want to be drafted on the best team. I refuse to go through losing again.)
4 Losing doesn’t mean you failed. (OMG, that’s exactly what it means.)
5 It’s only a game. (If it is only a game, why do I bother playing?)
6 You may have lost but never give up. (Ok genius, that’s exactly what happened.)
7 You need to lose to appreciate winning. (I really don’t think so. I feel great when my professional sports teams win. No need to bore me with losing.)
8 Somebody needs to lose. (Yeah I don’t remember volunteering.)
9 Even though you lost, you really won. (I don’t know what you are smoking but maybe if you share, I will understand.)
10 The world loves a great loser. (That’s awesome because I am great at losing.)

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