KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Rookie cooking mistakes (I have done most of these)

1 Throwing pasta into boiling water and forgetting to lower the temperature. Volcano 🌋!
2 Heating up oil and throwing chicken in and it’s too high. You get splattered all over by angry oil. Run for cover. Ouch!
3 Making cookies and thinking net weight is the same as fluid ounces. It’s not. I had a tray of hockey pucks.
4 Cracking eggs and getting shells in your food. Crunch crunch.
5 You have no clue when the meat is done so you keep flipping it in the pan. Maybe it will jump out when it is done. Flippity flop.
6 You forget to spray the pan and can’t get the eggs out. The poor eggs look like they have been thru a war.
7 Pushing ingredients down in the measuring cup. I did that with carrot cake and bugs bunny wouldn’t even eat it. What’s up Doc?
8 Chopping vegetables and getting your finger in the way. Oh well, I have nine others.
9 Messing up on a recipe and trying to save the dish by adding more stuff. Botched! Just throw it away already.
10 You don’t have all of the ingredients so you improvise. Problem is Sherlock Holmes is eating the meal and calls you out on it!

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