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Bad things about a long car ride:
1 Everyone has to go to the bathroom at a different time. No matter how many times you tell everyone to go, they don’t listen!
2 No one can agree on the music. The car is divided between rap, country, and pop. It’s a nightmare.
3 Getting there is an adventure. You are all taking turns driving. One person has road rage, one is a terrible driver so you fear for your life, and the other driver goes so slow that you will never reach your destination.
4 It is hard to relax in the car. If you are driving, you can’t just take a nap on the steering wheel.
5 The traffic is murder and has added hours onto your driving time.
6 It was raining so hard like a monsoon. The rain never stopped and a whole day was wasted at a crappy motel. Now tempers are flaring.
7 The car broke down and the garage said they will get to it next week. They don’t understand the concept of vacation.
8 You will be lucky to have any money left by the time you get to your vacation. You spent all of your cash on rest stops, restaurants and convenience stores.
9 You are all driving together to spend quality time on vacation. By the time you arrive, you all hate each other.
10 Did I mention that you are stuck in the car with everyone for a long long time. We are never driving again!!

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