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Speaking in Public:

As a whole, we are most comfortable in a group. Separate us from our group and ask us to speak to them instead and we immediately stress out:
1 No matter how many times you tell yourself you can do this, once you walk to the front of the room and see people staring back at you, all bets are off.
2 When you are alone and practicing in the mirror, the words flow right out of your mouth. Looking at a bunch of people waiting for you to speak is detrimental to your well being.
3 In front of your mirror, you are cool and confident. In front of a crowd, you are swaying back and forth like a zombie and sweating under your arms. Your heart is beating so fast that you have no idea if you will be alive at the end of your speech.
4 Why is it so important to stand up to address the crowd. It would be so much easier to sit on a stool so that you feel like you are among friends. Standing makes it look like you are trying to act superior.
5 You start speaking and the crowd looks so serious. No one is smiling. Geez, if you don’t do a good job, they may come after you.
6 You lose your train of thought as you are speaking and start to trip all over your words. You laugh at yourself but no one else does. Tough crowd; and they didn’t even pay admission.
7 You are finally on a roll and your professor asks you to slow down. Give me a break. I am trying to get this done as quickly as possible. You are a good sport so you start speaking again. This time he asks you to speak up. Hey if you think you can do any better, the floor is all yours.
8 When you ask if there are any questions, everyone raises their hand. Oh boy, what if you aren’t able to answer the questions. People I know I asked if there were any questions but it was meant to be rhetorical.
9 You feel like a total wreck when you are done speaking. You feel like you have been through a war. Shouldn’t you get paid for this?
10 When the serious faces turn into smiles and the crowd applauds, you think maybe public speaking isn’t so bad.

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