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Negatives of living with a roommate other than your significant other:
1 You are saving money but your privacy has disappeared. Forget about walking around naked or having time to unwind and collect your thoughts.
2 Your roommate found a boyfriend and they always hang at your place. When you try and watch tv you hear the bed squeaking and when you try and sleep the banging against your wall makes you think that two more people might end up sleeping with you.
3 Your roommate eats all of your food and never replaces it. Oink Oink
4 Somehow when the rent is due, your roommate is broke. They can afford alcohol though.
5 Your clothes keep disappearing and your roommate denies taking them. You see her on social media in your shirts. Caught red handed. Liar.
6 You are meticulous but your roommate is a slob.
7 You have one bathroom but you can never get into it. They take such long showers that you are left with icicles.
8 You started out as best friends but you find out that you are complete opposites. Now you hate each other. It is so bad that you can’t remember why you ever liked them. Frenemies.
9 You have opposite schedules. When you try to sleep so that you can get up early, they are being loud or entertaining guests.
10 You agree to certain boundaries and rules and your roommate conveniently ignores them.

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