KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

April Fools jokes to play on your husband:
1 “Surprise, I’m pregnant! With twins!!”
2 “I quit my job today. Don’t worry, I will figure out some other way to make money.”
3 “My wedding ring went down the drain today. I was worried at first, but then figured I was due to get a new one after all of these years.”
4 “My parents are low on cash so I told them they could move in with us. They will be here later today.”
5 Go to your husband’s job and move his car to a different spot.
6 Write a super dirty note and put it in your husband’s lunch.
7 Change his cell phone to a foreign language.
8 When he goes to bed, switch around his drawers so he can’t find anything in the morning.
9 Place a For Sale sign on your front lawn.
10 Get an expensive car from the dealership to test drive then tell your husband you bought a new car.

#TopTen #AprilFools #blogger

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