KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Facebook No No’s
1 Posting pictures of bugs, especially spiders. I almost broke my phone last time someone did that because my reaction is to throw it.
2 Using FB to constantly post your political opinions. Go vote or something. Stop telling me about it.
3 Constantly ranting on your own page as well as others. This isn’t bitch book.
4 Sending game requests over and over again to people who don’t play.
5 Sending FB Chain Letters and hoaxes. Great way to make enemies.
6 Checking in everywhere you go. Great, you go out alot! Congrats.
7 Posting mysterious messages that others cannot figure out. Okay you have my attention. Explain or delete.
8 Photos of gross injuries that make me wince. You are killing me. What the hell is that!
9 Posting a great pic of yourself and an awful one of your friend. How nice. You look like a model and I look like a hag. Rude!
10 Bathroom selfies. Why? Get out of there.

#TopTen #FBFauxPas #blogger

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