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Disadvantages of homeschooling during quarantine:
1 Help! I can’t get away from these kids. They refuse to leave after school is dismissed.
2 One of my kids didn’t do their homework so I took away the Xbox. He said that wasn’t a valid punishment since there are no Xboxes at school.
3 The kids get up and walk around without asking and then try to sneak off. No one said that I would have to be a police officer too.
4 How long is this quarantine going to last? My kids are smarter than me. I don’t know how long I can pull this off before they find out.
5 One of my kids refused to pay attention so I suspended him. Now he walks around the house giving me dirty looks.
6 My students want to take a class trip. Since we are under a stay at home order, we set up a tent in the back yard.
7 These kids are bribing me with their allowance to do their homework.
8 Do kids get all of these breaks in school? Snack break, Lunch break, recess, thinking break, bathroom break, C’mon.
9 I quit on the second day but these kids keep showing up for class.
10 I tried calling my kid’s teachers but they are not answering. The kids will be on an early summer break until I can get their teachers to take over for me.

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