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How to deal with uncertainty during the pandemic:
1 It is hard to plan for the future since we don’t know what the future holds. Make plans for May but be flexible since they can change.
2 Dealing with the “what ifs”. Fear of the unknown is very scary but it is out of our control. It is important to take precautions and hope for the best.
3 Although we cannot visit with our loved ones, it is important to keep in touch for support through phone or facetime.
4 Get outdoors when possible to exercise or even recharge.
5 Don’t let the news take over your life. It is important to remain positive.
6 We are used to supporting each other as a group which is hard to do when we are told to keep our social distance. Remember that it is for our own safety and only temporary. We are actually supporting each other by social distancing.
7 We tend to relate uncertainty to negative thoughts. It is important to convince ourselves that we can overcome and handle anything that comes our way.
8 Live for the present which is today. It is too hard to deal with if you look too far into the future.
9 Get out of your own head by doing something kind for someone else.
10 Find the one thing that keeps you centered and comforts you and do it.

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