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I am amending the constitution:

1 Freedom of speech and religion – You are not allowed to force your religion if your opinions are not wanted. As far as speaking, you are free to speak but should use a filter. Brutal honesty is not necessary.
2 Right to own a gun – Only non trigger happy people should be allowed to have a gun. I scare too easily and might shoot everything and anything in my path. Oopsy. Wake up. I didn’t mean to kill you.
3 The right not to be searched or have something taken away within reason – If you take something of mine, I am coming for you until I get it back. If you don’t want to be searched, don’t take my stuff.
4 Income tax is legal – This is a biggy. If you tell me I am making so many dollars an hour, that is what I expect to get in my pay. First you tax my check ridiculously and then I owe money at income tax time. That is a bunch of bullhonky
5 Popular vote for Senate – I agree with this but they need to get rid of the electoral college. Popular vote should pick the president as well.
6 Protects the state from lawsuits – Everyone is fair game. I feel like that amendment puts the states above the law.
7 Limiting the number of terms for president – If we have a good president then let’s keep him. It takes a couple terms for them to really know what they are doing and then they have to leave. We have a vice president to take over if something happens. Maybe just put an age limit in place so that the person doesn’t go senile.
8 No double jeopardy – If you are stupid enough to do something twice then you should be punished. Just because you were punished once doesn’t mean your learned your lesson.
9 Congress can’t get a raise until next term – $175,000 seems to be enough. The leader of the house makes $225,000. Good enough. No raise for you.
10 The right to a jury in a civil case – A judge is fine for civil cases. Judge Judy does it by herself.

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