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Birthday wishes for my mom. Today is her bday.
1 I wish that you grow an inch this year. If you get any shorter, I will be able to put you in my pocket.
2 I wish that daddy buys you a golf cart. I would love to see you drive around the development and back and forth to the beach. You should have learned some driving skills from watching daddy drive after all of these years.
3 I wish that you say something other than So Anyway when you want to change the subject on me.
4 I wish I knew that you screamed when I was a kid because dad was a little hard of hearing and you were Italian so it was your normal tone of voice.
5 I wish you could have kept secrets better instead of telling dad everything I did wrong.
6 I wish you didn’t make me eat those vegetables when I was younger. I don’t eat them now so you did it all for nothing.
7 I wish for you to know how thankful I am that you chased me around the table with a wooden spoon to help me exercise.
8 I wish for you to know how I love laughing with you and having inside jokes with you. You are a great best friend. We laugh until we cry, usually at someone else’s expense.
9 I wish you learn how to stop putting extra syllables in words like Acame
10 I wish for you to speak up a little more when someone makes you mad. Practice on dad by stringing curses together.
I love you mom. Thanks for everything. You are a wonderful mother❤️

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