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Benefits of being an only child and benefits of having a sibling:
I have one sister and she was born when I was 11. I can relate to both sides of this question.

1 You have a built in play mate with a sibling. I had to use my imagination until my sister came along. “Mom, I’m bored was a regular part of my vocabulary.”
2 You get all of your parents’ attention as an only child. With a new sibling, everyone forgets all about you.
3 You can’t blame things on anyone when you are all by yourself. With a sibling, you blame everything on him/her. They are too cute for mom and dad to get mad at.
4 When you are the only one, you are only responsible for yourself. With a sibling, you get in trouble for them too. No fair!
5 With no siblings, you can get babysitting jobs for money. With siblings, you are a built in babysitter and don’t get paid. That job takes precedence over your paying jobs.
6 You beg your parents for a brother or sister so that you have someone to play with. When you get one, you want to send them back because they can’t play anything that you like for years.
7 It is hard to find an honest opinion when you are by yourself. Your friends tell you what you want to hear. A brother or sister will tell you exactly what they are thinking and more. It’s like they drank truth serum.
8 Your wardrobe is limited if you don’t have a sister. With a sister, you have a whole other closet to choose from.or steal from if you really like an item.
9 With no siblings, you have to do all of the chores. With siblings, you can boss them around and have them do your chores or else. You have earned that right.
10 With a sibling you become a fierce competitor because losing isn’t part of your vocabulary. When you have no siblings, there is nothing to compare it to..

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