KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Jury duty excuses:
1 I have to go to the bathroom every two seconds. When nature calls, I go running.
2 I don’t think I can be impartial or quiet. My emotions show on my face and if I hear something incriminating, I might yell out “Let him hang!”
3 You can’t expect me to sit in a pen with 11 other people. It’s unsanitary and I am a grown adult. I need to be free to roam around.
4 I have to eat every couple of hours or I get hangry and I might have to take it out on the defendant.
5 I cannot be seen in the company of a criminal. It wouldn’t be good for my image. I have a social life to think about.
6 I refuse to work for $5 a day. Sixty three cents an hour is a huge insult. Go find someone else.
7 I decided to go back to school and I start the day of jury duty. That would be a bad first impression.
8 It would be a conflict of interest. I watch every crime show and lifetime movie. It just wouldn’t be fair to the accused.
9 I am emotionally unstable. I could snap at any moment and might just kill the defendant. I have to put his/her safety first.
10 I am a spy and working under cover. No one can confirm this information. You will have to trust me. Our nation is at risk.

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