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Why do we procrastinate?
I am definitely guilty of this, and we probably all are:

1 We keep putting the task aside because we would rather do something else. (It’s only filing. I will just keep a pile. I know where it is if someone asks. This pile is too big, I better start a new one.)
2 It takes too much time and gives us anxiety so we put it off for a later date. (Filling out this paperwork is like doing a research paper. It is 15 pages long and seems too complicated. Maybe I will do it on a day when I have very little interruption.)
3 It is something that we dread doing, so we lie to ourselves to make it go away. (My aunt is mad at something that I said. I need to explain myself, but too much time has passed. If she sees me with the rest of the family, maybe she will forget about it and move on.)
4 It is complicated, and we are afraid to fail. (I never did this before and have no clue where to start. I am so afraid to screw this up!)
5 There is a lack of interest in doing the task. (Sarah keeps asking me to go to a bar with her. I keep putting her off, hoping that she stops asking me.)
6 You feel that it is a menial task that could have been given to anyone else and are resentful that it was given to you. (Why do I have to do research for the company picnic when he has his own personal secretary?)
7 There is a fear of succeeding at the task. (Oh great. Now what do I do? If I do a good job then I have one extra job to add to the hundred others I have to do.
8 We aren’t ready. (If I do the college shopping then his moving out will become real.)
9 You are a perfectionist and cannot take the chance of something going wrong. (She wants me to plan her wedding but if I do, it would have to be the wedding of the century. If not people will talk.)
10 It is more time than we expected. (I offered to coach the soccer team, but I didn’t take into consideration all of the practices and travel.)
The only personal advice I can give is that you just have to do it. Instead of treating it as one big project, break it down into puzzle pieces (parts) to make it less daunting.

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