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I waited 4 hours in the waiting room before I was called back for my Lasik surgery. The laser at the office I was supposed to go to was broken, so I had to drive 1 ½ hrs:
1 I was checked in right away so I had a major case of the nerves. i had a stomach ache. Oh God would they call my name when i was stuck in the bathroom?
2 No one called me. My husband was with me, so we made funny banter back and forth. I can do this.
3 One of the doctors called me back just to double check the prescription before surgery. Geesh I thought he was somebody’s teenage kid. Maybe he was passing time like me. I decided to go along with it.
4 There were 12 boxes of pizza in the waiting room making my mouth water. I wanted a slice so bad but if I was called back it would be stuck in my throat.
5 I was called up for payment. They gave me some eye drops and the coolest rainbow sunglasses. I was so excited.
6 I was sent back to my chair again. I texted a little and talked to some people. I was running out of things to do.
7 I amused myself with watching my husband try almost every coffee pod that was offered. He didn’t like any of them. What a finicky bugger. Maybe he was practicing to be a barista.
8 I am so tired of waiting and have sat in every possible position. I try to remain positive so I don’t get nervous. Hubby on the other hand hears Golden Years on the radio and announces that he will be in his golden years before I am called. I answered back with a quick slap and a “Be quiet!” through clenched teeth.
9 Hubs goes to the bathroom and it is now dark outside. I get called back into the room before the surgery room but I can’t go into surgery without a kiss. They send him to me and he seems much happier. Oh wait, he is laughing at my blue cap and booties.
10 It’s my turn and I am so relieved to get it done so I am calm. It is over within 10 minutes and I get to walk out on my own. All is good. I am across the street from the King of Prussia mall and am not allowed to shop. No fair! Especially when I could have shopped 4 hours instead of waiting.

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