KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Working under deadline with ten hours left to turn in my essay:
1 Okay, let me think. What should I write about? I have no clue.
2 Oh my God, I fell asleep and wasted two hours. Eight hours to go.
3 I am starving. I better eat since I have a lot of work ahead of me. That was delicious. Seven hours left.
4 Maybe if I watch some television, I will get inspired to write. Five hours left
5 I know what I want to write about. Here I go! One hour later I have my opening sentence and it is great.
6 Four hundred words? Ugh. Well I have ten. 390 more words to go. Let me think. I have a killer closing sentence. Not bad. Three hours to go.
7 I need a bathroom and snack break and I need to check my texts. Two hours left.
8 “Mom, thank God you picked up. I am freaking out. My essay is due in two hours and I just cannot focus!!”
9 I feel so much better. Mom was right. A shower was just what I needed to relax me. One hour left.
10 Once I focused the words poured out. I turned in my assignment with ten minutes to spare. Was there any doubt 🤣

#TopTen #FightingDeadlines #blogger

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