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Annoying Wedding Guests:
1 The people who refuse to stop clinking their glass for the bride and groom to kiss. Enough!
2 The person who keeps asking what happens with the leftovers. Did you pay for the wedding? Go away.
3 The person who cannot get enough to drink because it is an open bar. They want to get their money’s worth. Excuse me, you aren’t the only guest.
4 The kid that no one is watching. He or she is completely out of control and sugared up.
5 The person who drinks too much and makes a complete ass out of themselves. I just hope it didn’t make it to the wedding video.
6 The woman who knocks people over just to catch the wedding bouquet. She acts like a lineman on a football team.
7 The guest who brings a plus one when their invitation was just for them. The nerve.
8 The guest who shows up without a gift for the bride and groom. This event is not free.
9 The person who goes up to the buffet table before their table is called. Here piggy piggy.
10 The person who refuses to sit at their assigned table. Sit where you are told!

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