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What Different Flowers Symbolize:
1 Snapdragons (deception) – These go to the girl who has the perfect dating profile. When you meet her for your first date she is ten years older and twenty pounds heavier. You have been snookered.
2 Magnolia (love of nature) – These go to the guy who likes to walk around the house naked and pee outdoors.
3 Hibiscus (delicate beauty) – This goes to the pretty boy who gets more mirror time than you.
4 Sunflower (false riches) – These go to the guy who quit his job because he won the lottery. The problem is that it was a fake ticket.
5 Red tulip (declaration of love) – These go the person who loves you no matter what your mood and makes you so happy that you want to dance.
6 Daisy (innocence) – These go to your first elementary school crush, the hottest teacher you ever saw in your life.
7 Pansy (remembrance) – You deserve some flowers to remind yourself that things could always be worse.
8 Chrysanthemum (honesty) – These go to the lady who was pulled over for going to fast and had to admit it to the officer.
9 Black-Eyed Susan (justice) – These go to the car salesman who made you beg, grovel and waste your entire day just to make you walk out with no car.
10 Daffodils (new beginnings) – These go to our cute furry friends who give us a new purpose as an empty nester.

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