KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/9/20

Ways we convince ourselves it is spring even though it is premature:
1 You see the sun shining brightly. It is only fifty degrees but you automatically think “beach day”!
2 You wear short sleeves even if the weather suggests otherwise because you are ready for winter to be over.
3 You convince yourself that you don’t need a jacket as your teeth start chattering.
4 You get a pedicure so you need to wear sandals to show them off.
5 You insist on eating outdoors even if your waitress suggests that you may be more comfortable inside.
6 The clock sprung ahead so it is time for spring.
7 There is a robin outside and that is a good enough sign for you.
8 Daffodils have bloomed. It isn’t your fault if they are confused.
9 There was no snow this winter so in your mind, winter is ending early this year.
10 You saw a monarch butterfly. If they flew in from Mexico, who are you to question them?

#TopTen #ItMustBeSpring #blogging

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