KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/8/20

The torture of waiting in line:
1 The person who talks loudly on their phone the whole time and is not ready when it is their turn to be waited on.
2 The person who questions every item and tries to use expired coupons and requests price checks knowing that there is a long line of people waiting.
3 The cashier turns her light off the second you get in line.
4 The person who cuts in line and tries to play it off as innocent and thinks you are going to let them stay there.
5 The person who gets in another line and is further back than you but finishes five minutes before you do.
6 You are waiting in a drive-thru bank line and the person in front of you hasn’t filled out their deposit slip.
7 The poor cashier is brand new and they put her on the busiest line and she keeps making mistakes. It isn’t her fault but it is so frustrating.
8 You are waiting in line at a club or restaurant and someone who knows the person at the door walks right in.
9 The women’s bathroom line is so long and when you finally get into the stall there is no toilet paper to be found anywhere. Not only that but while you are waiting, five times more men come out than women.
10 When someone in line is super ignorant making comments about how slow the cashiers are and how ridiculous the wait is. If the store is doing the best that they can just be quiet and wait your turn like everyone else.

#TopTen #HateLines

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