KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/7/20

Things we played or played with in the seventies:
1 Jacks, tiddly winks, view finders, cap guns (if you didn’t have the gun, you used a rock to make it pop), Rock Em Sock Em Robots
2 Smoking candy cigarettes and making ceramic ashtrays in art class
3 Playing swords with cardboard tubes from gift wrap
4 Chopper bikes with banana seats, skate boards, ten speeds
5 Buying vinyl records and albums at the record store
6 Saving quarters to play pinball, asteroids, centepede, and donkey kong video game machines.
7 Hopscotch, double dutch, Simon Says, Stick Ball
8 I grew up in a row home so the highlight of our summer was opening up the fire hydrant on a hot day
9 Etch A Sketch, Lite Brite, Trouble
10 Freeze Tag, Red Light Green Light, Kick the Can, Mother May I?

#TopTen #Seventies

9 thoughts on “KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/7/20

  1. I remember many of those. I loved jacks…and I grew up in the 50’s….rode the first skate boards..that was a board with skates on it.

    Thanks for following my blog!


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