KC Avalon Daily Blog 3/6/20

Signs you are getting older:
1 Moaning and groaning out loud or stringing curses together every time you have to get up out of your chair.
2 When you can’t finish one sentence because you forget the name of someone or something and then it takes you the rest of the day to remember.
3 All of a sudden your songs growing up are on the oldies station. Wait! What happened to the 50’s music? When did they change it?
4 You don’t like to waste anything. Food is used for leftovers and you always know someone who can use an item instead of throwing it in the trash.
5 All of a sudden hair is growing in places it never did before. Hair on my chin? What am I a goat? Why is hair growing out of my eyebrows in all different directions?
6 You have to call out of work because you can’t find your keys or your glasses.
7 Your ears are getting so big that you are starting to look like Dumbo.
8 You found some wrinkles and now your drawer is filled with anti-aging beauty creams and lotions.
9 Every time you drive, people get annoyed at you and honk their horns.
10 You have a coat or sweater for every change in the weather. It is not often that you go outdoors without one.

#TopTen #GettingOlder

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