KC Avalon Daily Blog 3/5/20

I love to watch Married at First Sight. I always believed in love at first sight, but I wonder do arranged marriages work? I did some research:

1 India, Pakistan, China, and Japan still do arrange marriages
2 Our divorce rate in the US is 45-50%. The arranged marriage divorce rate is low around 6%.
3 Arranged does not mean forced. Both parties and the parents must agree.
4 Traits, values, and beliefs are taken into consideration when arranging marriages to ensure compatibility. Similar backgrounds mean that your heritage will be shared and carried on.
5 In traditional marriages. We tend to follow our hearts which statistics don’t support.
6 Romantic love can cloud our judgment and make us pick people that are not right for us.
7 Arranged marriage couples are more likely to look at marriage practically instead of letting passion lead them.
8 In either marriage, success depends on the work that is put in. Arranged marriage couples start out knowing that it will be a lot of work. Traditional marriage sometimes starts out physically with intense passion. When real life kicks in, couples can be surprised that they have to work to keep a successful marriage.
9 Connection and chemistry are great but in the end, compatibility is going to make your marriage last. Sometimes the chemistry masks the compatibility but eventually, you can’t deny the inevitable.
10 In arranged marriages, there are clear intentions and fewer surprises. Families are very careful in choosing an appropriate partner. Sometimes when we choose on our own, we should not be trusted to pick someone that is compatible, appealing, and wants the same things out of a marriage that we do.

I still have some doubts but am more open to arranged marriages. I cannot knock something that works. In my case, it was love at first sight and I have been married for almost 29 years. It is a lot of work and worth it.

#TopTen #ArrangedMarriageMightWork

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