KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/2/20

What did they see that was so funny?
1 She just scolded her husband in public for leaving the toilet seat up AGAIN!!!
2 He thought he was so cool cat calling to us. Bet he didn’t expect the traffic light to turn red!
3 The lady who turned her nose up at us just tripped and her dress flew up. Guess who isn’t wearing underwear?
4 OMG he just walked into the glass. The window washers did too good of a job.
5 The guys from the bakery almost made it to the door of the restaurant. Now the most beautiful wedding cake is all over the sidewalk.
6 A guy wearing leggings just walked by. I think I just went blind.
7 Check out this kid. He is at the drive thru window on his bike.
8 How sweet. She is trying on a ring and when she goes to show him, he gets down on one knee.
9 Oh no, the seagull just stole her double cheeseburger. She just walked out of the store and unwrapped it. Now she is running after it.
10 That poor dog owner. The siberian husky must be mad at her. He wrapped her leg around the leash and took off!

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