KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/1/20

I saw some interesting names of businesses and thought I would share them:
1 Fish Bones Restaurant – I don’t like bones in my fish, so I definitely don’t want them for dinner.
2 JT Scraps Salad Factory – It sounds like they collected all of the uneaten leftover salad from customers’ plates and then resell it. Nasty
3 At the Beach Waffles and Subs – I love waffles but it just doesn’t seem like these two things go together.
4 Cactus Cafe – I feel like you wouldn’t be able to move around or bend over at this establishment without getting pricked by a cactus. Cactuses 🌵 don’t belong in restaurants.
5 Second Wind Construction – These guys sound like they need to nap on the job in order to get their second wind. Not too promising.
6 Creative Compliments Salon – This one is entertaining. So no matter how awful you look after your new hair style, they will come up with the most creative compliments. “You are truly unforgettable,” or “You are one of a kind.”
7 Imaginations Hair Stylists – Scary. Your stylist is going to come up with the craziest hair style she can imagine, and you are the lucky person to get it.
8 Dr. Semaan, Urologist – Gross 😂
9 Body Shop Fitness – You can work out or you can just shop for a new body and skip the workout.
10 Tropic Fever Tanning – Sounds like the tanning beds are a little too hot for my liking.

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